Construction Claims and Litigation
Issues arise on all construction projects.  How you resolve them makes a difference.

Within the broad category of construction, our firm has assisted in the resolution of
disputes encompassing the spectrum from light residential construction to nuclear
power plants.  We have provided services to clients that range from verification of
contractor pay requests to providing expert testimony at trial.

Using techniques recognized and accepted in both the construction industry and the
courtroom, we specifically tailor our services to the needs of our client.  In a direct
process designed to assemble, analyze and report facts, we lay a solid foundation from
which we can work to assist in the resolution of construction claims or in the
presentation of a case to the jury.

Construction disputes have a well established history of entitlement based on an
orderly relationship between cause and effect.  Our experience as construction claims
consultants enables us to establish that causal link between event and effect and to
assign a reasonable damage value to the problem.

In our extensive experience, we have prepared claims as well as defended or mitigated
claims.  The final goal of the claims process is to arrive at a fair settlement of the

Resulting from years of actual claims analysis and trial experience:

    Our approach is to analyze project problems, determine issues and allegations,
    and reduce complex facts and issues to an understandable level;


    Our commitment is to provide our clients with timely and cost effective results.

Our expertise includes:

  • Analysis of contractual issues, project changes and coordination/interference

  • Assessment of schedule revisions, acceleration, out-of-sequence work and

  • Schedule analyses, assessments of variances between planned and as-built
    construction activities, consideration of schedule concurrent delays, etc.

  • Computation of construction damages, direct and indirect costs, loss of
    production efficiency, etc.

  • Assisting counsel in pretrial discovery and analysis of opposing expert reports

  • Providing counsel with financial risk assessments and recommendations for
    reasonable pretrial settlements

  • Expert witness testimony
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