Primavera P6 Date and Percentage Fields Explained

Most P3 users have now migrated to P6. One of the most confounding aspects of the transition for former P3 users is the number of new and different fields for activity start dates, activity finish dates and activity percent complete. P6 is not merely an update of the old P3 software, it is new product. And although some fields have similar names in both P3 and P6 those fields perform quite differently in P6. The quantity of new fields in P6 together with a general lack of clear documentation is the source of potential confusion over how to use and interpret the various date and percent complete fields. Whether you are a former P3 user or a new P6 user, a basic understanding of the date and percent complete fields is essential to correctly communicate and manage the schedule on your project. Here is an overview:

P6 Date Fields

Start/Finish: The current Start/Finish dates based on schedule logic and resource availability. This is the equivalent of the Early Start/Finish dates in P3.

Early Start/Finish: The Earliest Date the remaining work for the activity can start/finish and is not earliest start for the entire activity. This causes much confusion for former P3 users. Also, when the Early Start/Finish dates are displayed, actual dates are not followed by an

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